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WPC- Another face in the crowd

The path winds, golden rays, a hint of green, Are you really seeing it? "Nope. I'm into a portable screen." Clicking pictures, freezing moment in time, That's right, they can speak a thousand words. They scream,"We are all doing just fine." Red, orange, happy and loud, Congrats! A handcrafted persona. "Yay! I'm not just a… Continue reading WPC- Another face in the crowd


The Social Loner

   "You are a social loner!"  Taken aback I replied, "What do you mean?" "Well your life is so predictable. It's work, home, food, telly, checking the messages , sleep and the cycle begins again. Even your messages are work related . You don't have any friends, real or virtual." "No! I do not live… Continue reading The Social Loner