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Struck By Wanderlust

So it is official and the countdown has begun to my very first international holiday. Yay! I am still pinching myself. For the longest time, my deepest desire was to go on a trip around the world. I lapped up travel shows, movies, articles, books (Travels by Michael Crichton tops the list). I would dream,… Continue reading Struck By Wanderlust

Chaotic Thoughts

October Bytes #2 : Sticky Music!

Let's talk about ear worms, pieces of tune that wriggle into your mind and stick there. This sticky music, extremely pleasing to the ear so yeah, raises your spirits and may drive you a bit batty as well. My current playlist has these two amazing desi songs playing on a loop. I'd say a perfect… Continue reading October Bytes #2 : Sticky Music!

Inspiration · Life

 Five times when 2Cellos left one fan thunderstruck. 

Ok! I need to say this - I'm utterly obsessed with the two cello wielding musicians from Croatia called 2Cellos. I mean that's the only explanation for actually standing close to an hour, headphones wrapped around my ears, scrolling down their videos, watching each till the very end, without fidgeting or fast forwarding at all.… Continue reading  Five times when 2Cellos left one fan thunderstruck.