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I confess, I am guilty of holding on to scraps and stuff. Sometimes I keep them for sentimental reasons but mostly for the kids if they ever wish to build a spaceship in the backyard. While my family despairs at my inability to deal with my hoarding syndrome, in a twist of fate I found… Continue reading Twisted

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The clue in the ancient writing. 

It was billed as a walk among ancient edicts, read a message from King Ashoka himself, a man who lived 2000 years ago. Today he is a rockstar of his times, his life story is the stuff what legends are made of. Reputed to be ruthless, he renounced his blood thirsty ways at the height… Continue reading The clue in the ancient writing. 

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A peek into a Nature festival in the hills

"Rajpur is a charming hamlet by day but a ghostly one at night. Why on earth do you want to go to a nature festival organised there? Its hairpin turns and narrow lanes are mind boggling to navigate in the dark." Well, that meant I had to egg my family harder to join me in… Continue reading A peek into a Nature festival in the hills