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My Korean Adventure Pre-checks

Next week, I will be off on my grand Korean adventure. Honestly, for once, I really don’t know what I’m feeling. My mind races with a list of a million things to do, before I leave. Perhaps they are just the same few things running in an endless loop. On the very top is my… Continue reading My Korean Adventure Pre-checks

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Going For The Ram Mandir Darshan In Ayodhya

If you are in or around Ayodhya, literally all conversations and roads lead to the Ram Mandir. It doesn’t matter that the said temple is under construction. It is a magnet for everyone visiting the city. We want to see it and the locals know it too. Flower Power I must have been accosted by… Continue reading Going For The Ram Mandir Darshan In Ayodhya

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Doors Of Ayodhya, India.

I'm presently in Ayodhya, the city famous for temples and a particular one under construction. Judging by the massive crowds of pilgrims I see, I'd say it is growing as a major religious destination. Doorway to salvation, perhaps. Going beyond the obvious temples, Ayodhya is a treasure trove of interesting architecture, particularly doors. After all,… Continue reading Doors Of Ayodhya, India.

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Thoughts On Confessions By Kanae Minato

Till this morning, I had neither heard of the Japanese movie Confessions nor the novel on which it was based. As usual, I came to know of the movie first. Described as a clever, twisted, revenge drama, I was curious. I could find only a poor print on YouTube but the book was easily available.… Continue reading Thoughts On Confessions By Kanae Minato

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K-Drama Recommendations For The Newbies

My descent into the Korean Drama world happened rather swiftly. One moment I was watching Instagram reels. In between the travel and dance tik-toks, K-drama reels took over. The next thing I know, they were like a sugar rush to my brain. I am addicted. Next I went on Netflix and found a buffet of… Continue reading K-Drama Recommendations For The Newbies