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Happy No 1 and now let’s count detectives.

Today I celebrate my first blogging anniversary - 366 days ago I unleashed my thoughts via this blog into the world, without a clue how long would I last. Well, I survived and I thrived. Hence this very special post to commemorate this amazing milestone. Thank you WordPress. You also dispatched this cool achievement badge… Continue reading Happy No 1 and now let’s count detectives.

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Calling on Goddess Surkanda Devi

My most vivid memory of the one visit to the Surkanda Devi Temple is of me huffing and puffing and almost collapsing in exhaustion, dragging myself behind my enthusiastic mother, a virtual mountain goat. That was 23 years ago when I cluelessly believed that the temple was right there on a hilltop, which it was… Continue reading Calling on Goddess Surkanda Devi