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The Water Trail Of Kumalda Village

Nestling among the mountains, Kumalda Village beckoned me like a siren’s song. People spoke of its breathtaking beauty during the rains, the nearby River Song would swell in size and water cascade down in sheets.

Well, I missed my chance during the monsoon but when my favourite walking group Been There Doon That announced another walk, I was hell bent on making that trip.

It was a biting cold Sunday morn and early too but that didn’t faze me. The young knight was woken from his slumber, he sat poker faced all through our drive to Maldevta; I hoped my excitement would catch on. By the time we reached our appointed place, the mood was better, but the expected walking group was no where in sight.

Luckily we were rescued by a fellow walking enthusiast, Mr Kaul. He happened to be just as late as us but he knew the way.

We briskly marched on, our eyes drinking in the fields of emerald green stretched far into the horizon.

The landscape was indeed stunning.

Shafts of sunlight lit the scene in patches, a temple, few odd houses, stacks of golden hay, all getting their moment in the spotlight.

This was a village straight from the stories nostalgically narrated by my grandmothers.

The path wound up running parallel to a canal with water flowing furiously.

I couldn’t resist clicking it.

We followed the trail, along the way the path morphed into a well beaten track.

That is where we caught up with the other walkers.

It finally culminated at the Head Water Works, a magnificent piece of grey masonry.

Crystal clear water, tinged blue, collected in a shallow pool.

A few steps were cut into the side that lead beyond the structure.

There was the river in all its glory, snaking round gigantic white boulders, smooth grey stones and pebbles, its water sparkled like silver strands floating on the surface.

It picked up speed and then hurled itself into a barrier, churning its way on.

Our walk had come to a fitting end. It certainly lived up to its baggage of expectations.

That morning I came back sure of one thing, a slice of heaven was right there in my backyard.


11 thoughts on “The Water Trail Of Kumalda Village

    1. Manjari, thanks for the awesome feedback. This walk was a delightful surprise for me as well and definitely worth the effort. It’s not on the map as yet and maybe that’s why its trails and river banks are still garbage free. I stand by my ‘slice of heaven’ quote. Go for it.

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