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Training lens on Napoli.

Everything I knew about Napoli/Naples could be summed up in three points-

* Napoli Football Team

* Neapolitan pizza

* A seaside town

I couldn’t wait to check it on my way back from Pompeii. Only I didn’t realise that at the end of a long day clambering among the ancient ruins, I would get just a few hours of daylight to explore. Anyway in my mind, the sea arose spectacularly right outside the Napoli Centrale Station, I probably wouldn’t have to walk much.

I discovered much later that it doesn’t!

What does appear instead is the Piazza Garibaldi and its utterly futuristic roof.

A symphony in metal and glass, the structure splintered like refracted rays of light.

Since it was the first covered piazza I had seen so forgive me for thinking it was a swanky mall. I really didn’t pay attention to anything else.

Anyway, without a plan in place or a map, I took the first road that lead away from it. I was feeling adventurous. Pretty soon the same adventurous spirit began to ebb. Unlike Rome, the buildings around had a seedy vibe and the sight of homeless people curled on the roadside spooked me. Tales of getting pockets picked began to weigh heavy on my mind.

I beat a hasty retreat.

Garibaldi Piazza and its funky roof was going be the highlight of my travel to the city.

I grabbed a table in the open under its angled roof and sat down to taste the famed Margarita Pizza. I read it was invented in Napoli itself.

My verdict- it was every bit delicious, worthy of its claim to fame as the best.

No more plaintive cries thereafter. My perspective had changed. Naples turned out to be memorable indeed.

Lens- Artist Photo Challenge: Angles

11 thoughts on “Training lens on Napoli.

  1. Napoli is chaotic, fascinating, and unpredictable! Perfect for the challenge. I love your shot of the piazza and I’m delighted that you had great pizza there. It IS the best place in the world to have it!

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