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Dinner In Trastevere, Rome

“We have to visit Trastevere to experience the real Italian vibe“, Mami declared emphatically.

Trastevere, in Rome? It rang a bell.

I had devoured Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Eat, Love and Pray. Actually, only the Italian ‘eat‘ section as a part of my Roman research. Trastevere was mentioned in it.

Well, I was definitely going even if it meant we walked all the way to our destination.

Step by Step in Rome.

That’s exactly what we did. We started on foot from our B&B Al Colonnato di San Pietro. Google map guided us.

First stop was the most famous of all Piazza, the sweeping grey courtyard of St Peter’s Square. The Bascilica loomed majestically. You have to stand there, see its beauty, grandeur and feel the rush of pure joy coursing through you.

I wish I could explain but it’s magic! No wonder, I kept going back on all the three days I spent in Rome.

It was never enough!

A gigantic spider installation on a man's back made up of plastic bottles.

Spider alert in St Peter’s Square! Photo by Juhirk

Every time, it took my breath away.

From there it was a short walk to Castel San’Angelo.

The unmistakable cylindrical walls of the Castel glowed in the light of the fiery sun.

Castel on the Hill!

I paused. Strains of music wafted in the breeze.

A placard propped in a guitar case caught my eye.

“I need money to fix my time machine and take me back to the 50s.”

I had surrendered to that surreal moment.

I walked entranced to Ponte San’Angelo, the Bridge of Angels. Gigantic winged beings stood frozen on both sides, all the way to the end of the bridge.

In contrast, the shimmering blue-grey waters of River Tiber flowed without any drama.

Bridge over Tiber’s waters.

People sat, strolled, held hands, held phones, bulky cameras. A painter displayed his artwork for sale in a corner. It was Roma all the way. Watercolor sketches in glorious oranges, blue, black and white; the fountains, the Dome, the squares, pretty tables crowding the alleyways.

Dodging curio sellers who had also laid out their wares, we raced across the bridge towards U2.

‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for‘. A band was playing the U2 song.

A sign to keep walking perhaps?

Hello! Calling all Angels.

Over the bridge, through streets, we followed the blue line on Mami’s phone till we had to ask. A girl laden with bags pointed to a lane, ‘Trastevere’!

Once again I heard the music before I saw the musician strumming his guitar.

Shakespeare had to be inspired by the Italians, “If music be the food of love, play on.”

Trastevere turned out to be unlike anything I had imagined.

There were narrow lanes that split and wound their way between tall building. Ivy clung on some walls covering the brownish- gold surface in a picturesque manner. Yellow light spilled from the glass fronted shops and trattorias on to the shiny grey cobblestones.

A lively tune accompanied by boisterous clapping outside one and we were once again a part of a merry street concert.

Turn up the music! Photo by Juhirk

As we walked away from the music, our lane grew very quiet. The shadows became longer and darker. Wandering aimlessly, suddenly lost its charm.

“Dinner! Pick a place pronto.”

No longer ambling, we had our fingers crossed for an inviting place.

Turning a corner and we came across a wonderland of lights, laughter, chatter and the inevitable music. Tiny tables with enormous handwritten white menu boards on stands hogged most of the passage.

We were lost, famished and confused. We peered at one of the menu board to make sense of what we wanted to eat. Italian words mixed with English as we tried to make up our minds.

An old man popped like a genie. Over a stream of Italian, he shepherded us to a small tables sandwiched between two.

We had found our spot with food and wine. It was perfect!

Next to us sat a father and daughter duo, Andres from Atlanta and Vinnie, studying in Copenhagen. A shared laughter, some genuine curiosity on both ends and soon conversation flew thick and fast.

“That’s us in our tent on our way to Santiago in Spain”, Andres excitedly swiped his photo gallery on his phone to show where they had been before coming to Rome. He was on a spiritual trip with his daughter. Articulate with a ready smile, Vinnie was outspoken about her lack of faith but it was heartwarming to see her indulge her father.

We, as Indians I suppose, brought our secular Hindu perspective of ‘many gods, one goal’ to the conversation.

She talks to Angels! (Ponte San’Angelo) Photo by Juhirk

Time flew, communication flowed unhindered- Hindu faith, Catholic Church, Buddhism, Trump policies, Roman art, architecture, Chianti wines.

Then there was that intractable old Italian server who had taken us under his wings. He refused to follow our English or Andres’ Italian. Instead, he bustled about, hand flying, face expressively conveying what his non-stop Italian speech couldn’t.

He insisted we eat dessert and round off our meal with a Limoncello.

This old man, he said, “Eat! Photo by Juhirk

It was an evening tinged with warmth of making connections in a strange land.

Till it hit me, “It’s late!”

My mellow warmth evaporated, replaced by sheer panic and prayer, “A taxi please, now.”

That day, all the powers in the universe looked out for us. I dare not think otherwise.

Andres rustled a taxi. Coincidentally, the father – daughter duo had their hotel in our neighbourhood and we ended sharing their ride. The relief was unimaginable and to top that Andres refused to split the fare. I spent the whole ride gratefully babbling our thanks to the wonderful father and daughter.

That was the last we ever saw or heard of them.

Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing’ .

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We were those ships.

Trastevere Glow!

I often think of Andres and Vinnie. Their affection for each other, their warmth, friendliness to us, their boundless curiosity towards the world. They rose to our help when least expected and turned our dinner in Trastevere, a night to remember.

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22 thoughts on “Dinner In Trastevere, Rome

  1. A great section of Rome. I was there nine years ago. There’s a church there that was built circa 1300. It has large stone columns within. Those columns were savaged from some ancient Roman structures. The columns are probably about 2,000 years old.

    Hi. Take care.

    Neil S.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Neil, I am only discovering now that there is so much more to Trastevere other than its eating place and general vibe . To think I may have walked past the church you mentioned and missed the opportunity to peep in. I wish I had seen those 2000 year old columns that time travelled into the present. You are a lucky man Neil and now you’ve given me something to Google. Thank you😊 Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to survive this corona to be in Itlay one day! Your story of the chanced meeting with the father and daughter duo works as a perfect background for the place rather than the other way around. This is what happens when the places have their own unique spirits. Fantastic narration!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh Manjari! No one know it better than you how my love affair with Italy only grows stronger with each passing day. Thank you for always reading my posts and for travelling with me virtually everytime . Your perspective adds its unique charm to make my journey tales even more special.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tina for taking the time to visit and comment. Your words of appreciation as usual have an amazing effect of bolstering my confidence as a writer. You made my day!


  3. My favourite photo, she talks to angels. πŸ™‚ And that happy band playing in the streets. Warm evenings. Good company. Not much more I need. I’m just home from similar here in the Algarve, but It’s not so lively right now. Many thanks! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Jo for joining my walk and leaving such a wonderful comment. The sun is up here and my day is already looking good thanks to you. As for Algarve, you do a swell job of making it one of the ‘Must visit places in Portugal’. 😊


    1. You are a lucky lady Debbie. The weather, the place and the time must have all been perfect. I’m sure you must have explored the length and breath of Trastevere. It’s only now I realize that I barely scratched its surface. Any favourite bits from your time out there? Do share. Also much appreciate your comments for my post. Have a lovely !


  4. Every so often I read an article or a blog post and think.. Yes! That’s what travel is all about! This is definitely one of those posts. Heart warming, and such beautiful images. I love it!

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